Baptism is the universal sacrament of salvation for all believing Christians. It is primarily a sign of initiation into the family of God, and into a particular parish family as well. While parishes are no longer strictly governed by “canonical boundaries,’ for the sake of good order and meaningful membership in a parish, baptism is ordinarily celebrated in one’s home parish, designated so either by official membership in a given parish or by a proximate, neighborhood church.

Church law requires that parents presenting a child for baptism must attend instruction class prior to baptism. Since baptism is a sacrament of initiation and welcome into a believing community, active and practicing membership is required of the parents. In addition, the person being baptized must be sponsored (God-parented) by at least one person 16 years of age who is also a PRACTICING, CONFIRMED member of the Catholic Church.

With the renovation of our church’s assembly, gathering hall, and baptismal/initiation pool in Spring 2001, provision has been made in accord wit the Church’s most ancient tradition to celebrate baptism by immersion. This is done in the context of our weekend Eucharistic liturgies which are designated at least monthly on the liturgical calendar. The parish expects and requires that parents presenting a child for baptism must have already familiarized themselves with our baptismal practice and customs by attendance at a weekend liturgy which includes infant baptism. While we respect a familial relationship that one to be baptized may have with clergy outside of the parish, please keep in mind the primary nature of the parish community and family into which a child is being baptized.

It is with great joy that we celebrate the initiation of new members into the Catholic Church. Infant Baptisms are scheduled monthly during our weekend liturgies at the 4:00 PM and 10:30 Masses – usually on the 3rd weekend of the month (unless there are scheduling conflicts). We celebrate Baptism by immersion in accord with the Church’s ancient tradition. Baptism classes for all parents are required by Church Law. These sessions focus on the background of the sacrament, the meaning behind the symbolism and ritual, and are an introduction to the role of parents in their child’s faith formation as members of the Christian Community.

  • Sponsors for Baptism are normally to be Confirmed Catholics


Please call the Christian Formation office for further information about baptism and scheduling your date, preferably well before childbirth.

Contact: 262-375-6500, ext 120 /