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New: Traveling St. Joseph, Our Guardian ~ Journey with St. Joseph ~ Faith in Action

Why not bring our Traveling St. Joseph in your home for nine days? As an added inspiration for our year with St. Joseph we are offering a special devotion to Jesus’ earthly father.

The “Traveling St. Joseph, Our Guardian,” it is a statue housed in a special case that makes its way from home to home, staying nine days in each home in a living novena. After nine days the shrine comes back to our Parish for the next family to pick up and begin their Novena.

We have our parishioners Stephen Lewis and Don Somogyi to thank for this beautiful devotion. Steve came to us with the idea and he also purchased a beautiful statue of St. Joseph. Don built the beautiful wooden shrine that houses St. Joseph, and Deacon Scott Wiese blessed the shrine. The front medals on the shrine doors came from a rosary that was blessed by Saint John Paull II!

This devotion begun in Grass Lake, Michigan by Father Leo Joseph, director of the Shrine of St. Joseph, Patron of the Suffering and Dying.
“As protector of the Holy Family, who better to invite into our homes than St. Joseph?” according to Father Joseph.

Saint Joseph was a good father and husband to Jesus and Mary. Joseph isn’t just the father of Jesus; he is the spiritual father of the entire church and protects everyone who is a part of it. His role, is to guide and protect anyone who is a part of the Catholic family.

Why not invite him home with you and your family.

Accompanying the traveling statue will be suggested prayers, although each family is free to pray however they choose. After nine days the statue moves on to a new family.
Our Journeys start week of March 19th and will go to the end of this year.
Please sign up to bring St. Joseph into your home. Sign up book with weeks detailed are in the back of the gathering hall.

St. Joseph’s 2023 Time, Talent and Prayer

Our Time, Talent and Prayer Ministries have been updated to reflect our current and active teams at St. Joseph.

As we continue to strengthen and support our ministries we have found that our parishioners and community reach out to us and participate more frequently when our ministries and committees are active.

Because opportunities to get involved in our parish happen throughout the year we will communicate these occasions for you to help and sign up as they come up.

The new booklet can be found in the gathering hall, on our parish website, and through our parish email communications.


St. Joseph Parish Annual Report 2021-2022Vision Statement

United in faith and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we at Saint Joseph Parish are a faith community rooted in Christ that strives to live our baptismal call through proclaiming God’s word, celebrating Christ’s presence among us, and reaching out to God’s people in lives of stewardship and service.

Our faith journey is guided by prayer, liturgy, education, and social outreach.





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Parish News and Events

Human Concerns Empty Basket-Please check each week since needs often change.

Would you like to be an altar server?

St. Joseph Table

St. Joseph Parish … Staying In Contact
You can contact a Pastoral Staff member by leaving a message on their office phone. Pastoral Staff has the ability to check voicemail messages from home.


Ext. 103 for Fr. Nick Baumgardner
Ext. 102 for Scott Wiese
Ext. 106 for Randy Hilgers
Ext. 104 for John Knetzger
Ext. 175 for Sheri Hanson
Ext. 121 for Bonnie Reineking
Ext. 171 for Amanda Matthews
◉ Ext. 122 for Madonne Rauch

Prayer Authorization Form
If you wish to add your name to the “Remember To Pray For” list, please complete a Prayer Authorization Form. You will find these forms on the bulletin boards at all entrances to the church or you may download a copy of the form here.
Receive Spiritual Communion.
My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the most Blessed Sacrament.
I love You above all things and I desire to receive You into my soul.
Since I cannot now receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart.
I embrace You as if You were already there, and unite myself wholly to You.
Never permit me to be separated from You.


Life saving information-Automatic External Defibrillators
You Never Know… when you will need to help save a life. As an update for some, and news for others, the parish has 2 Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs). They are used to evaluate heart rhythms and deliver a potentially lifesaving shock if necessary. Anyone can use them!

1. Located at the top of the stairs leading to the lower church hall. You’ll see a 3 dimensional sign facing the worship space. Look for it today, so you’ll know where it is during an emergency.

2. Located on the lower level across from the gym doors. During an emergency, if someone says, “get the AED,” please do not hesitate. Take it out of the cabinet on the wall and bring to the site, and call 911.

The parish also stocks 3 first aid kits:

1. Usher’s Room
2. Kitchenette off Gathering Hall
3. Parish Office Workroom

– even if you just need a Band-Aid 🙂

Prayer Shawl Ministry - third Thursday of the month

Community and Courtesy News and Events

Be a Eucharistic Minister at Columbia St. Mary.
As a Catholic hospital, committed to continuing the healing ministry of Jesus, Columbia St. Mary in Mequon invites you to consider serving as a volunteer Eucharistic Minister. Volunteer Eucharistic Ministers are valued partners to the Spiritual Care Department and bring Holy Communion to Catholic patients at Columbia St. Mary Ozaukee Hospital. The power of Christ’s presence in the Eucharistic, in bedside prayers and in the mindful, compassionate presence of Eucharistic Ministers offers hospitality and healing to those found vulnerable in the hospital. Are you called to this beautiful lay ministry?

If you would be interested in serving as a Eucharistic Minister at Columbia St. Mary Ozaukee Campus, please contact Bridget Lozano, Columbia St. Mary Ozaukee Volunteer Services Coordinator, at 262-243-7355 or

Applications are also available on the CSM website: