Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood Team collectively holds over 40 years of educational experience in the classroom, and its nurturing approach has successfully built a program where our students are fully prepared to meet today’s new educational standards in the elementary grades.

With individual classes dedicated to three, four, and five-year old kindergarten, our child-to-teacher ratios are low; additional teacher aides ensure each child feels safe and supported with their individual needs amply met.

The Early Childhood program is one of the only in the area that uses an educationally based and research supported technology program beginning in the K-3 classes.

They often provide self-esteem building experiences as they visit and “buddy read.”

Our social-behavioral model at St. Joseph Parish School is one which carries through from the youngest student to the oldest; it reinforces the Christian teachings of love, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, and patience in how they interact with their peers and others in their school environment.