Welcome to St. Joseph Parish School!

When I was first assigned as administrator of St. Joseph Parish in June 2022, one
of the things that most excited me was the fact that we have a school. A school
brings youth and vibrancy to a parish community. A school also helps the parish
fulfill its mission to teach: to help our parishioners, both old and young alike, not
only to know about Jesus but to know Him.

As administrator, I’m actively involved with our school. I meet with our principal
weekly so that we can collaborate and ensure that our students are receiving the
best education they possibly can. I also make classroom visits every Wednesday
which are always the highlight of my week. I love how inquisitive our students are
and how open they are to learning more about their faith. It’s important that the
students in our school get to know their priest, and I love getting to know them.
Even more important is that our students come to know and love Jesus Christ.
While parents are the primary educators of their children in the practice of the
faith, we see ourselves as close collaborators in this mission, and we take the faith
formation of our students seriously. And this goes beyond our religion classes and
my own classroom visits. Weekly Mass, Confession in Advent and Lent, yearly
retreats, and a variety of service opportunities are all ways in which we help our
students become the hands of Christ.

If you are a parent of a currently enrolled student, thank you for entrusting us
with your child’s education and for the sacrifice you have made to send them to
our school. If you are a parent of a prospective student, I couldn’t recommend our
school enough. Our principal, teachers, and staff are excellent and highly
committed to our mission. If you are a parishioner or alumni, thank you for your
continued support; without you, we couldn’t do what we do.

As the administrator of St. Joseph Parish, it’s my joy to support our school. If
there’s any way I can be of support to you personally, please let me know. St.
Joseph, pray for us!

In Christ,
Fr. Nick Baumgardner, Administrator