The students at St. Joseph Parish School follow a required dress code.  Following an established dress code is an important component of our school community for a few reasons:

· A positive personal appearance is a reflection of the individual student as well as St. Joseph Parish School.

· Competition in attire is counterproductive in the learning environment.

· Good grooming and appropriate attire are important life skills. 

· Our uniform policy creates a professional look and prepares students for the business world. 

General Rules and Guidelines

General Rules and Guidelines:

· K3-8th Grade students are to be in uniform during school hours; this includes arriving at school and when leaving the building. 

· Whether in or out of uniform, clothing must fit properly, be clean and in good repair. 

· Shirts must always be tucked in. 

· No logos or labels should be visible. 

· Shorts may be worn during August, September, October, May and June or on other very warm days as specified by the principal. 

· Skirts, jumpers and shorts must be of reasonable length (3” above the knee). 

· A uniform shirt must be worn under sweaters and sweatshirts. 

· Bike shorts (not to be visible below the hemline) or leggings must be worn under skirts and jumpers.  Tights or leggings (no pants) are to be worn under skirts and jumpers from November 1st to May 1st. 

· No open-back or open-toe footwear.  Additionally, footwear must have a back strap and socks must be worn inside all shoes. 

· Simple jewelry may be worn. 

· Hats and scarves cannot be worn in the classroom. 

· If a belt is worn, it must be brown or black.


When students come to school out of uniform it is at the discretion of the staff to determine if the parents will be contacted and asked to bring appropriate uniform clothes to school or if the student will be sent to the office to change their clothing.  A Uniform Code Reminder form will be given to your child with the reason the student was determined to be out of uniform.  It must be signed by a parent and returned to school.  Repeated uniform code violations will be addressed by the principal. 

Clothing Requirements

Uniform clothing may be purchased at any vendor that meets the uniform requirement described in this policy.  When purchasing the plaid pattern, the squares should be large in size.  Suggestions for places to purchase uniforms are as follows: Lands’ End (Use code #9000-2684-0 to donate back to school), The Children’s Place, Old Navy, Target, Kohl’s, frenchtoast.com, and Amazon.  Gently used uniform clothing is available for sale in the school office from August—May.  

Uniforms consist of a solid color shirt with pants/shorts or skirts and jumpers for girls.  Specifics and variations can be found below. 

Girls and Boys

Shirts:  Solid white oxford button down or blouses for girls.  Solid white, navy, fire engine red, or hunter green polo shirts.  No wide collars or rib knit or sleeveless tops.  Shirts must be long enough to be tucked in. 

Pants:  Solid navy or brown khaki; dress, twill, chino, or trouser style. (Slight flare acceptable.) Elastic waist pants are permissible.  No elastic at ankles.  No jean styles (five pocket with rivets).  No wide-leg cargo patch pockets on pant legs.  No capri pants.

Shorts: Solid navy or brown khaki; walking style uniform shorts.  No patch pockets or cargo shorts.

Sweaters: Solid navy, white, fire engine red, or hunter green; sweater vest, pullover, or cardigan.

Crew or Hooded Sweatshirts*: Solid navy or hunter green (ordered only through the school office).

*All uniform sweatshirts must have St. Joseph Parish School logo on them.

*Sweatshirts with the Lancer logo may only be worn on assigned spirit wear days.


Jumpers and Skirts:    Plaid, (large squares), solid navy, or brown khaki. 

Bike Shorts:   Solid navy, black, or white.

Leggings: Solid navy, black, fire engine red, grey, or white; cotton knit material. 

No patterns on leggings

Out of Uniform Days

Throughout the school year, there will be announced non-uniform days.  Although uniforms need not be worn, there is still a dress code in effect. 

1. Shorts may not be worn November—April.

2. Shorts/skirts must be no more than 3” above the knee.

3. Jeans and/or pants must be in good repair, with no holes or exposed skin.

4. Sleeveless tops are allowed, but no spaghetti straps, halter tops, or jerseys without a t-shirt underneath.  Muscle shirts (boys and girls) are not allowed.

5. T-shirts must be free of offensive pictures or messages. 

6. “Out-of-Uniform” coupons may only be used on Fridays if there is NOT a school liturgy scheduled for that day.

7. Scouting uniforms may be worn on the day of your child’s scout meeting. 

8. Students may go out out-of-uniform on their birthday or half-birthday. 

Spirit Wear Days

1. Any shirt, jersey, sweatshirt, and/or t-shirt that has the name of St. Joseph’s and/or a Lancer’s logo on it.  If a student plans to take his/her sweatshirt off during school, he/she must have a St. Joseph’s t-shirt or uniform shirt underneath.

2. Jeans, shorts, athletic pants, Lancerwear shorts or pants, and uniform pants, skirts or jumpers may be worn.


Uniform Policy