Elementary School

The rigors of elementary school have increased substantially in the past decade. St. Joseph Parish School has deliberately built a teaching team at the elementary level to excel at developing skill sets in students that meet enhanced educational expectations. Our curriculum spans from Grade 1 to Grade 5 departmentalizing in key areas with a collaborative focus on key areas for students at an individual level. Our teachers excel when it comes to helping students develop core skill acquisition coupled with confidence in their own abilities. With our adherence to keeping a balanced student-to-teacher ratio, our teachers are able to cover more content with more depth and reach success in more developmentally appropriate ways for our students.

Our children develop bonds with their teachers and peers while simultaneously developing higher quality intrapersonal skills to problem-solve. Teachers at the elementary grades act as guides in helping students develop and manage positive social and behavioral norms to keep the classroom dynamic healthy. The Elementary Teaching Team values a balanced approach to the educational environment where children are taught how to take the fundamental values of Christian behavior and apply them across their day in interactions with their peers and school community.

The Elementary Teaching Team keeps a high focus on maintaining a comprehensive approach to all areas of a child’s development. Handwriting, technology, and Spanish curricula are still taught as independent as well as immersive content throughout the day. Although many schools have scaled back or have been forced to do away with these subjects altogether, St. Joseph Parish School has maintained a commitment to these areas as they are crucial to keeping a student’s educational experience well-rounded. St. Joseph Parish students claimed a top prize in the city-wide Dominican Challenge this year due to their unique skill sets in technology, and the 5th Grade class just completed reports where they conducted technology-assisted weather reports of multiple countries completely in Spanish. In fact, our writing skills allowed two of our students to take 1st and 3rd place in a state-wide writing competition with hundreds of entries.

We welcome you to come and visit! Shadow Days are always a wonderful experience for children considering a change in educational environment. We find that allowing children to shadow for a day in the classroom they would prospectively join helps them feel empowered. It also sets up a situation where we can make sure any possible transition is suited to meet their individual needs. Please contact our school office at 262-375-6505 to schedule your visit, and tell us how we can answer any questions you might have. We look forward to meeting you!