Middle School

The Middle School Years are a time of great transition for children and a supportive environment is especially important.  As tweens and teens begin to discover more about their strengths and weaknesses, having a strong staff of experienced educators well-versed in these sometimes turbulent years can be an exceptional advantage.  Students spend three crucial years honing the skills they will need to be successful in High School, and the personal attention they get from our Middle School teaching team has proven to produce some of the most successful results in the area.  St. Joseph School boasts a 100% college acceptance rate with our students consistently performing in the top 10% of their high school graduating classes. 

The comprehensive approach that St. Joseph Parish School takes in the Early Childhood and Elementary levels continues into the Middle School.  Teachers work closely in these three years to fine-tune communicative skills in writing, public speaking and media literacy.  They reinforce the intuitive foundations necessary for success in advanced mathematics and analytical reasoning, attending to common struggles of this age group in the areas of test anxiety, study-skills and organization.  STEM-based technology is infused into the science curriculum, using the area’s only 3-D printer to help students begin to understand the abstract principles of chemistry and biology with focuses on atomic, nuclear and molecular structures, so when they reach High School they are prepared with an advantage.     

Middle School can also be a time of great social development for children and our teaching team is mindfully aware of the need for tweens and teens to have active adults who are involved and ever-present for support with social dynamics.  The teaching team at this level is unique in that it promotes and fosters a healthy dynamic among the students, striving to create an environment where children at the Middle School level feel they are accepted, embraced and encouraged by their peers and their teachers alike.  Utilizing team-building exercises and strategic partnering underscored with the Catholic-Christian teachings, our Middle School doesn’t just hope for good relationships to emerge among the students in their care—they actively make it happen.  With a smaller student-teacher ratio than other schools, our teachers are better able to watch for and monitor interactions, making sure that no student feels excluded or socially vulnerable.  Any type of bullying is not acceptable at any level within the school.  The result is the St. Joseph Parish School graduates have acquired not just an educational advantage in their time at the school, but they also have developed essential life-long social skills due to their uniquely created learning environment in the Middle School years.   

 We often hear the phrase, “You can always tell a St. Joe’s kid” because they stand out with the well-balanced characteristics of intelligence, compassion and confidence.  We invite you to come see for yourself the environment that helps create these stand-out students, and encourage you to have your child come with you. 

The best way for your student to get a sense of our approach is to schedule a Shadow Day.  On a Shadow Day, our principal and faculty will pair your child up with a new friend in the same grade, who will stay with them throughout the day, making sure they are included and feel welcome while they are taking a look at the schedule, classrooms and curriculum.  We find that Shadow Days allow students considering a change to have a feeling of “buy in” and are more likely to share with us what we can do to make their transition as smooth as possible.  Please contact us to schedule a Shadow Day and a tour of the school by calling: 262-375-6505.  We would love to answer any of your questions.