Liturgical Ministries

"God loves each of us as if there were only one of us."
-St. Augustine

Liturgical ministers serve in various capacities to facilitate a peaceful, prayerful & inspirational experience for all who worship here. Whether participation is through “behind the scenes” preparation and planning or through a public role of service within the Mass, parishioner contributions help our liturgies to be truly life-giving celebrations. Any member of our parish wishing to serve as a liturgical minister is welcome.

Altar Server (Family or Individual)

Contact: Scott Wiese (262) 375-6500 Ext. 102 |

  • Altar servers assist at the Lord’s table for weekend and Holy Day liturgies. This is a great way for our youth and families to be involved and to learn more about the liturgy.
  • At least 11 years old or 5th Grade
  • Responsible, dependable, respectful, and committed.
  • 1-2 masses every two months (more if there is a holiday or Holy Day)

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Contact: William Stevens (262) 375-6500 Ext. 106 |

  • Assists in the distribution of the Eucharist with a sense of hospitality, care for people and a love of the Eucharist.
  • Ministers are not scheduled, but are expected to help out whenever needed as indicated by the crosses hanging on the cross board.
  • Training is provided.


Contact: Fay Herrick |

  • Lectors proclaim the readings and petitions at Mass.
  • Interested parishioners have a deep interest in scripture; are able to read clearly and audibly.
  • Lectors read every 5-7 weeks; schedules are emailed
  • Orientation is provided

Minister of Hospitality—Usher

  • Ministers of Hospitality (ushers) arrive early to greet people, assist in seating, receive the Offertory collection, guide the congregation in receiving the Eucharist, and distribute bulletins.
  • Parishioners over the age of 16 are encouraged to join
  • Ushers are assigned to teams which are scheduled to serve at a specific Mass four months each year

Liturgical Art and Environment

Contact: William Stevens (262) 375-6500 Ext. 106 |

  • Assist in design, setup, and take down of decorations and/or care of flowers or plants in the worship area.
  • Artist, interior decorator, seamstress, flower arranger, carpenter, designer, or graphic artist would fit this ministry perfectly!
  • Time commitment varies with each liturgical season; volunteers are called upon as needed.

Minister of Care

  • Ministers of Care visit, pray with, and distribute Eucharist to our elderly, residents of assisted living homes, Lasata, Aurora Medical Center and others who are not able to attend Mass
  • Regular visits are made on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings
  • Volunteers are scheduled monthly or more frequently if your schedule permits

Parish Choir

Adult Choir (18+)

Contact: William (262) 375-6500 Ext. 106 |

  • Leads sung prayer during mass
  • Open to parish members 18 years of age and older who have a love of music and some experience singing
  • Weekly rehearsals (Thursday evening) – September through June
  • Choir sings at one Mass each weekend during those months


Contact: William Stevens (262) 375-6500 Ext. 106 |

  • Cantors lead the sung prayer at weekend liturgies
  • Anyone who has a music background is invited to join
  • Responsible for preparing prior to his/her scheduled Mass
  • Scheduled approximately two times per month

Resurrection Choir

Contact: William Stevens (262) 375-6500 Ext. 106 |

  • The Resurrection Choir sings at parish funerals.
  • Individuals who have a love of music are invited to join.
  • Time commitment (including rehearsals) is about 1-1/2 hours for each funeral.


Contact: William (262) 375-6500 Ext. 106 |

  • Provide musical accompaniment for worship music.
  • Called upon as needed; which could be weekly or monthly.

Linen Launderer

  • Linen launderers ensure linens used during Mass are always available for use.
  • Instructions for laundering, folding, and ironing the linens are provided.
  • Each volunteer is assigned a month and is asked to take linens home each week and return them prior to the following weekend’s liturgies.


Contact: William Stevens (262) 375-6500 Ext. 106 |

  • Sacristans prepare the altar before Mass and clean vessels following Mass.
  • Scheduled about once each month
  • Training is provided

Sacramental Supply Coordinator

Contact: William Stevens (262) 375-6500 Ext. 106 |

  • Monitors candles, hosts and wine supply for parish
  • Training is provided