Altar Servers Schedule

"AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM ~To the greater glory of God."
-St. Ignatius and the Jesuits.

Dear St. Joseph’s Acolytes and Parents,

Serving as an acolyte at Mass is also a great privilege. Jesus spoke frequently of how we should server one another. And one of the best ways to fulfill Jesus’ command is to serve others in the celebration of the Eucharist (the Mass)!

  • It is a great privilege to help others pray well.
  • It is a great privilege to be so connected with this important prayer.
  • It is a great privilege to know that what we do is important for the faith of so many people.
  • And it is a great privilege to know that God is pleased with our willingness to serve.

Thank you for your commitment to this ministry and to serving God’s people.


Signup Procedure

A software site, SignUp Genius, is now being used, permitting you to choose dates and Mass times which will best fit into your schedules.

  • To sign up for Masses for regular weekends in September and October, and to view the current schedule – PLEASE CLICK HERE


  • Please remember to be at church and prepared to serve at least 15 minutes before Mass.
  • If you are unable to serve, please call the Alternate to fill in for you.
  • If an Alternate is not scheduled, please contact Jessica and Mary at