Ministry of Community

You are a "chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people of his own . . ."
- 1 Peter 2:9

The ministry of community life builds an environment of love, support, appreciation for diversity, and judicious acceptance that models Catholic principles; develops meaningful relationships; and nurtures Catholic faith. The content of our message will be heard only when it is lived in our relationships and community life. To teach compassion, generosity, tolerance, peace, forgiveness, acceptance, and love as gospel values and to identify ourselves as Christians require us to live these values in our interactions with young people and in our community life. God’s reign was proclaimed through the relationships Jesus initiated, and it continues to be heralded every time we witness our belief in him through the relationships in our community. The community life of the first Christians was a sign to everyone that Christ was in their midst (see Acts 2:42–47). The ministry of community life is not only what we do (activity), but who we are (identity) and how we interact (relationships).

Pastoral and Administrative Leadership


Assists our Parish Director/Pastor as a vehicle for the parish to fulfill the pastoral mission of Jesus and the Church. Engages in a continuous process of pastoral planning, taking into account the needs and priorities of its parishioners, the Archdiocese, the broader community, and the word. Active members 18-years and older are called to serve through a discernment process.

Monthly Council meeting, each member is also assigned as a liaison to one parish committee.

The total monthly time commitment is 3-5 hours per month.

St. Joseph Pastoral Council

Contact: Scott Wiese (262) 375-6500 Ext. 102, 


Guides the use of technology for all ministries.

Maintains, develops, and plans for the technology needs of our parish, school, networks and equipment.

Works with parish and school websites, and communication and evangelization efforts.

Meetings: 3 times per year, and on special project subcommittees.

Contact: Scott Wiese (262) 375-6500 Ext. 102, 


Help plan annual time & talent effort and appreciation events, welcome new parishioners, provide guidance during annual Stewardship of Treasure appeal giving.

Meetings: monthly

St. Joseph Stewardship Committee

Contact: Madonne Rauch (262) 375-6500 Ext. 122,

Buildings and Grounds


This committee of the Finance Council provides advice and assistance to the parish’s Director of Administration on major building and equipment improvements or repairs.

Assist in the long-range planning, give direction and assistance on project bids, and provide expertise as needed.

Ideal members have knowledge of electrical, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, HVAC, general building construction and/or decorating.

Called upon as needed.

Contact: Scott Wiese (262) 375-6500 Ext. 102, 


Plan and publicize annual parish & school clean up (date to be determined yearly).

Lead a designated cleaning area.

Assist in organizing clean up schedule.

Create volunteer schedule.

Provide refreshments.

Contact: Scott Wiese (262) 375-6500 Ext. 102, 


Assist the custodial staff by helping to keep the worship and gathering space of our church building neat and hospitable to all.

Primary responsibilities include dusting & vacuuming.

Time commitment – about 2 hours per month.

Contact: Scott Wiese (262) 375-6500 Ext. 102, 


Called upon as needed.

Contact: Scott Wiese (262) 375-6500 Ext. 102, 


Ensure that our grounds are well maintained and plan for the future development and improvements of our landscape design.

Love of flowers, plants and trees, creativity of landscaping, working outdoors, and/or knowledge of outdoor equipment.

Assist with planting flowers, shrubs, watering and spreading mulch, etc.  Changing the outdoor planter decor with the seasons.

Adopt a flower bed as your time allows

Parishioners of all ages are invited to help out with these events.

Meet as needed and may be called upon as needed.

Contact: Scott Wiese (262) 375-6500 Ext. 102, 


Develop and administer policy and procedures for cemetery care.

Responsibilities include assisting with general care of landscaping and graves.

Plan for future, e.g., acquire additional land and columbarium.

Contact: Scott Wiese (262) 375-6500 Ext. 102, 

Service Ministries


Sunday mornings: 9:00 am – Noon.

Sundays are scheduled on a rotating basis.

Duties include: answer phone, greet and assist visitors, register new parishioners, schedule Mass intentions.

Orientation is provided.

Contact: Scott Wiese (262) 375-6500 Ext. 102, 


Provide technology support during liturgies and, at times, during presentations, meetings and events.

Provide in-house tech support to office, school and staff.

Contact: Scott Wiese (262) 375-6500 Ext. 102,