Remembering our 175 Years as a Parish

Memories...timeless treasures

“Over our 49 years as members of St. Joseph Parish, we have been blessed with many wonderful priests.   Father  Vic  Capriole was one of them ( May he rest in peace).   As our family was going up to receive the Holy Eucharist one Sunday, my son Michael, who was 3 at the time, said loudly to Father Vic who was distributing Communion, ‘You don’t have any hair!’   I thought it was gracious of Father to just smile and say calmly,  ‘That’s right!’ ”

Helen Waldschmidt

“For many years, St. Joseph Parish  ran an enjoyable summer festival called FUNIVAL.   We parishioners always looked forward to the event which, for many years was chaired by the generous Gaven Hansen.  We enjoyed Gene Schmitt’s running a great auction of parishioners’ donations,  supped on the hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and donated home-made desserts in the food tent, drank and chatted at the bar, watched our children play the kids games, applauded at any entertainment there may have been and danced the night away at the Saturday night shindig!   Many of us volunteered hours before the festival, during the festival and after the festival.   It was a true Christian community working together and having fun together. ”

Helen Waldschmidt

The first project I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering on from the very start to the finish. That was the connecting the school to the Church. We were very blest to have many talented people to work with. The wishes and challenges of them all seemed to work out.
Looking back now, I thank God for allowing me to be to be involved.
Robert A. Merce