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Pastoral Ponderings . . .

Mary Stallmann, School Administrator

The Girls’ Index

I was given an article called “The Girls’ Index” which was written by ROX, a non-profit organization committed to equipping girls with the knowledge and skills they need to lead healthy, independent, productive and violence-free lives. The Girls’ Index was a first of its kind, large scale, national survey designed to develop a deeper understanding of the thoughts, experiences, perceptions, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes of girls throughout the United States. This survey gathered information from nearly 11,000 girls in grades 5-12 during 2016 and 2017. The results were from the girls’ perceptions of support at school and at home, about their friendships and relationships and what they needed to be successful. Eighty-eight percent of the surveys came from girls in public schools (the rest from charter and private schools) and give us a better picture of what girls are thinking and going through.

Key insights included in this research were that girls’ confidence declines sharply between 5th and 9th grade and it declines as a girls’ desire to change her appearance increases. By the time girls are in high school, most (86%) report that they are in competition with other girls. A telling result of this survey was that there is a relationship between a girl’s social media use and her assessment of her relationship with other girls. Specifically, girls who spend the most time on social media were the least likely to say that they trust other girls and that they have supportive friends to talk to about serious issues. The report said that “the most time on social media” translated to six or more hours a day for girls in high school. Even in elementary schools, 14% of the girls said they were often distracted in school because of things happening on social media. Another insight from this report was that by 12th grade, 75% of the girls reported being asked to send sexually explicit photos to another person.

There was much more in this report but one of the key areas discussed was how to help and teach girls starting at very young ages and into middle school to develop trusting relationships with other girls so that they have access to support from their peers, feel like they fit in, and believe that they can depend on the people in their lives as they get older. Included in that is helping girls to have confidence in their abilities and competencies and making sure that high-achieving girls are not overlooked with support. There are also reasons to limit the amount of social media and cell phone time, especially in middle school, to help girls develop these important relationships without the drama, bullying, and issues that are often associated with social media. As the report stated, future success for our girls is contingent on personal, social, and academic skills and support from home and school.

If you are interested in knowing more about this survey or ROX, you can go online at to find more information.

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